GW Snarl


Slug is a is a high spirited Autobot who was turned into a Dinobot by the Decepticon scientist Shockwave. He is incredibly loyal to Grimlock's every command.


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Fall of CybertronEdit

Slug is one of those Autobots like Dinobot Swoop who researches many things to help his commander Grimlock on their quest to bring down Shockwave, but he is also loyal to Optimus Prime which is what concerns Grimlock the most. But he also shows much more hatred towards Insecticons, like Sharpshot who tortures with electricity.


  • This is the second new name assigned to a counterpart of Generation 1 Slag; the first was Snarl (as in Animated Snarl and Robot Heroes Snarl, both of whom borrowed the name from Generation 1 Snarl).
  • In addition to referring to a round of ammunition or a swift smack across the face, the word "slug" is used by blacksmiths to describe the hot, leftover piece of metal that is punched out when they need to make a hole in something. All of this is rather apt when considering Generation 1 Slag's personality.