Cyclonus (Robot mode; left, Veichle mode; right)

Cyclonus is, on the face of it, an extremely loyal and efficient air warrior in the Decepticon army. His chilling voice speaks of the destruction that they will rain down on their enemies. Unfortunately, beneath it all, Cyclonus is a bit of a coward and will turn and run with his tail between his legs if things get out of his control.


Voice actor: Liam O'Brien


His veichle mode is a cybertronian jet.

War of CybertronEdit

While the Decepticons were training on the streets of Iacon, they received a message issuing a challenge from Cyclonus. Cyclonus met a small group of Decepticons atop a building, announcing he was going to "bring them back to reality". They proceeded to battle until Cyclonus was soundly defeated and agreed to join the Decepticon cause.

He was subsequently part of the mission in which the Decepticons kidnapped Swoop for their Dark Energon experiments. As the Autobots tried to retrieve their friend, Cyclonus confronted them. Standing behind a force field, he unleashed his "minions" — some swarms and a few turrets — to attack the Autobots. When those fell and his force field was disabled, Cyclonus was reduced to a cowardly wreck, promising to open the door to the laboratory if they didn't hurt him. Once the Autobots had retrieved Swoop, Cyclonus revealed he'd rigged the lab to blow, and sped off in his jet mode, activating force fields to keep the Autobots from following him.


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